The Player Desktop App is a free application that allows you to stream and record your game play with thousands of professionally, customizable overlays, an in-game control system for switching scenes and accessing your chat and streaming events without disrupting your gaming and a video editor built-in.

Here's a guide on how to get started with the app:

Connecting your streaming Account

You should be asked to connect your streaming account on sign up but if you haven't connected in the wizard you can still do so by either clicking the + icon in the top left of your profile, through your settings or when you try to go live.

Your Studio

The 'Studio' tab is where you will find all the controls for your streaming and recording needs. From here you're able to create sets using one of our thousands of professionally designed overlay templates (which are also fully customizable) and you can manage your stream settings before going live. A huge bonus for Player users is easy access to your studio features in-game through the Player HUD.

Here's a full guide to the Studio

The Player HUD

The Player HUD can be activated in game by clicking CTRL+Tab. This system provides the first truly one monitor setup for streaming in the world and it allows you to not only start and stop your stream, but you can switch scenes, access your chat and see events that happen on your stream without ever leaving the game.

Here's a full guide on the Player HUD

Your Overlays

One of the great features of Player is our Overlay system which is the easiest to use and most powerful overlay editor out there. You can either select overlays from our huge collection of professionally designed overlays or build your own. Our system includes widgets, alerts, trains, stream cups and all the bells and whistles you'd expect!

Here are more guides on how to use our Overlay system

Your Dashboard

The 'Dashboard' is where you can keep track of all your streaming stats and events so that you don't miss a sub, follow or cheer. It's worth noting that you need to be using a Player overlay for the dashboard to register these events.

Your Media

The 'My Media' section of the app allows you to keep track of the content you've created and it also includes a simple to use video editor for creating new videos and uploading them to your favourite service after you've finished. Just hover on the thumbnail and click the edit icon to start editing your video.

As always, if you're having any issues with the desktop app feel free to contact our support team here