's Studio makes it possible to Stream and Record your game directly along with your created overlays to live video sharing platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube.

Sets & Scenes - The meat of your presentation. Sets are a collection of scenes, while scenes are what will be shown to the world when you start your first stream.
Clicking the + icon on the Sets panel will create a new Set.

Stage - At the center is the stage, and displays whichever Scene is currently selected. Whatever is presented on the stage will be captured on a stream or recording.

Stream and Record - Above the stage is the stream & record button.
Stream allows you to broadcast your presentation to a live video sharing platform (such as Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Live).
Record allows you to save your gameplay onto your computer.

Selected [Name of] Set - Clicking any particular set will display all the scenes contained within that Set. Clicking any Scene within the set will display it onto the Stage.
Scenes are sorted into four categories: Start, In-Game, Intermission, and Custom
Clicking the (...) button on a Scene will give you options to Edit, Rename, or Delete the Scene.
Clicking the (Pencil icon) button will open the particular Scene on the Scene Editor.
Clicking the + button at the far right of a Selected Set will add a new Scene to the Set.

Studio Control Panel - This is where you can manually adjust your audio and access your webcam and Stream Settings.

Clicking the (Speaker Audio) icon will open the speaker volume slider and a list of devices currently connected.
Clicking the (Microphone Audio) icon will open the microphone volume slider and a list of devices currently connected.
Clicking the (Webcam) icon will list all the webcam devices currently available. A (checkmark) next to a device
Clicking the (Gear) icon will open up the Player Create Settings window.

Transition - Clicking this area opens the Transition menu. Transitions are animation effects that play everytime you switch between scenes. Selecting an animation effect in the dropdown list will change the style of the transition.