Scenes that are created using the Player app can be used on other broadcaster software that support browser-based overlays like XSplit Broadcaster and OBS Studio. Here’s how to transfer your scene:

Copy the scene’s URL
In the Studio, go to your scene and click the ... icon and select Copy URL.

Add the scene’s URL to your broadcasting software
This can be added to any compatible broadcasting software that supports web-based sources.

For XSplit Broadcaster and OBS Studio specifically, here's how to add the scene's URL as a source:

On XSplit Broadcaster, go to Add Source > Webpage… and then paste the scene’s URL. Click OK.

To stretch your scene overlay to fit your screen, just right-click the source to open the Properties window. Under Display > Resolution, make sure Custom is selected and then set the Width to 1920 and Height to 1080.

On OBS Studio, click the + button in the Sources area and select Browser. Select Create new, then click OK. In the properties window, paste your unique Overlay URL on the URL field, then set the Width to 1920 and Height to 1080. Click OK when you are finished.