The Overlay Editor allows you to add sound to your alerts, and helps keep you and your stream notified whenever an alert event is triggered.

Note: This feature is for alert widgets. If your overlay doesn’t have an alert yet, you can add one by going to +Add Widget > Alerts tab > and then select the Alert type you want to add.
Here’s how to add audio to your alert widget:

1. Select the alert widget
To do this, click any alert widget folder.

This will open up the Properties section of that alert widget below.

2. Go to Audio and click Change Sound
You can find the Properties section below the editor's widget list.


3. Upload or Browse the audio file of your choice
Upload - Allows you to set a local file as the audio alert.
Browse - Allows you to browse through our database of pre-made audio alerts. Files you’ve uploaded previously can also be selected from here.

After confirming the selection, the audio file will now be set on the alert widget.